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Katherine June Locker

Katherine June

Week of August 15, 2018

What is a learning community? How can I be a kind and respectful citizen?


These are a couple of the questions we are exploring this week, as we dive in to our first full week of school. Your children and I are busy getting to know one another through games, stories, and music; while learning classroom (and school) expectations. Together, we  compiled a list of Class Agreements, and each day we are learning how to keep our personal part of the agreements. They are as follows:


*I will listen

*I will do my best

*I will be kind

*I will be respectful


Please discuss these agreements with your child and brainstorm together, how these agreements might apply at home! Thank you for your support, and know that I am looking forward to working with  you and your student within our learning community this year!

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