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Kindergarten Team


Valencia's "Primarily" Kinder Team!!!

Valencia Kindergarteners are encouraged to embrace our established school’s Valencia Values – Respect – Responsibility – Kindness and Best Effort.  Our Kinders are guided by these values in their daily journey through social, emotional and academic development.  We believe in a Growth Mindset ideology.  One where each child is celebrated for where they start and are then supported, encouraged and nurtured to grow from that spot.  During this process of engagement, learning opportunities and experience our students will embrace and fully participate developing a love of learning.


Our Kinder curriculum is driven by the Common Core Standards and enriched from a wide variety of resources including technology.  Each class provides in depth exposure to reading, math, writing, science and social studies.  We are committed to small group instruction in order to maximize each student’s academic needs. This easily allows us to differentiate for each child’s skill level. Parents are an integral and invaluable asset to our student’s reaching their full potential.  Therefore they are welcome to participate as often as is possible.  This also creates an environment where teacher, student and parent are all part of the same team. 


For every struggle and or failure learning emerges and it’s those personal and individual accomplishments that define success.

With passion and enthusiasm daily,

Heather Bellue, Susie Peoples