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Would you rather have this? 


Or this?

tree sprout

Help our Valencia community and our earth!  

Our motto is “Save the Earth for What it’s Worth!”  

It is worth a lot!

Green Team

Let’s Green It!

Did you know that there are more than 10.5 million tons of plastic thrown into the ocean each year? Scientists predict that in 50 years our weather will change so much that the sea levels will rise due to melting ice caps. This is caused by  global warming which is being caused by pollutants in our air and in our soil because we are filling our landfills with food and other items that do not decompose. 


If you buy products in reusable or recyclable packaging  you won't have to throw all that plastic out. Bring a reusable bag to the grocery store and avoid the single use plastic produce bags.  Compost left-over food products to avoid methane gas from being produced. 

So let’s try this!  

  1. Buy reusable containers and use them instead of plastic bags and other containers that can't be reused or recycled. 

  2. Consider using reusable drink bottles for not just water but any other drink items.

  3. Consider reusable cloth napkins.

  4. Bring fresh fruit and vegetables in reusable containers. 

  5. Avoid pre-packaged food items.

*Avoiding “single use” packaged food items like chip bags, juice boxes and pouches is really important.  Instead, buy bulk and put the food in reusable containers and juice in reusable drink bottles. 

If everyone can buy just one reusable bag our world will be a lot more 

GREEN. Just think about it, our oceans will have a lot less trash and beaches  will be trash free! 

You can also help by putting your trash in the right bins at school, around town and doing beach clean ups.  You can turn off the TV every time you are done watching a show. You can also turn the lights off when you are not using them.   AND don’t waste paper.

If we don’t do these things the weather will change even more drastically than it already is, the sea levels will continue to rise, people and animals will lose their homes.  So please do these things or the earth will be less likely to support all of us.

4th Grade Green Team

4th grade green team

5th Grade Green Team

5th grade green team

A Reminder of What Goes in Which Bin

At lunch, the Green Team has found recycling in the compost, compost in the trash, and other combinations of what should go in a certain bin but is carelessly thrown in a different one. Please remember to put the remains of your lunch in the right bin! Here's a reminder of what goes in the recycling:


• Plastic

• Paper (except paper towels, napkins, and Kleenex)

• Metal

• Glass


What goes in the compost:

• All food (except ketchup and salad dressing packets)


What goes in the trash:

• Kleenex

• Paper Towels

• Napkins

• Salad dressing and ketchup packets


Please remember to put these items in the right bin! It makes our job easier and our school cleaner! Thank you!