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Valencia Site Council

What is School Site Council?



Parents: Kelly Corbin (through 2023-2024); Lisa Gorecki (through 2023-2024); Ian McHenry (through 2023-2024); Monica Terwilleger (through 2022-2023); Alex Walker (through 2023-2024)

Teachers: Emily Marberrry (through 2023-2024); Deborah Matlow (through 2022-2023); Freja Rasmussen (through 2022-2023)​​​​​​​

Principal: Caryn Lane

Classified Staff Member: Lesley Ramos (through 2022-2023)​​​​​​​

Alternates: Bertha Torres, AC/Teacher (through 2022-2023); Vanessa Killpatrick (through 2022-2023), Parent​​​​​​​

The school site council is a group of parents, teachers and other school staff that works with the principal to develop, review and evaluate school improvement programs and school budgets. The members of the site council are elected by their peers; parents elect the parent representatives and teachers elect teachers.

Questions school site councils can ask

·       What are the goals and priorities of our school?

·       What data do we have that shows how well we are achieving those goals?

·       Are we progressing toward our goals?

·       Are there particular groups of students who are not doing as well as others?

·       What supports could we put in place to help struggling students?

·       How will we fund those supports?

·       Do we have programs that are ineffective or unrelated to our goals?

·       Is it possible to eliminate those programs?

·       How will we know if our new programs are effective?

Over the course of a year, a typical council might consider the goals of the school or district and then work with the principal to evaluate the school's progress toward those goals. In this evaluation, the council might consider school test scores, attendance and discipline records, parent surveys and input from students.

After looking at the big picture of the school's progress, the council and the principal create a plan for improvement. This plan might involve a new academic program, staff member or parent outreach strategy. Successful school site councils, regardless of their specific agendas, are more than a "rubber stamp" committee, and always ask thoughtful and challenging questions. School site council members don't just represent their own interests. They have an obligation to make decisions that will best serve the whole school community.

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Valencia School Site Council ByLaws

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