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Leah Creatura




Hello Room 35 Families,


 Happy Monday!  Hope you all are well and not going too stir crazy.  I will be using my Google classroom site as my primary place to assign learning, so please make sure you all know how to access that. Please feel free to text me or email me if you are having trouble accessing anything or need more explanations.  I am editing opinion pieces, checking progress on Khan, Lexia etc. and setting up more assignments in our Google classroom.  I'm also watching lots of webinars to get a crash course in online learning!

Please let me know if you still need a Chromebook or internet access.  Also, check in with Mrs. Lane.  She has been busy making sure everyone is connected.

Try to follow the schedule on our classroom.  I am trying to make sure I follow a schedule too (even if I am in my PJs).

I miss you all!

Ms. Creatura

school closing note 2020.pdf


Daily Schedule for School Shutdown


8:00-815 Stretch. Do 20 jumping jacks, 2 minute plank challenge. Touch your toes then reach for the sky 5 times.  Say Good Morning Ms. Creatura! Brush your teeth, eat breakfast, read in bed!


8:15 -Work on your assigned Bridges pages and Khan academy assignments. Take a 3 min test with the practice sheets..  


9:15 Recess  Use the bathroom, have a healthy snack, run around, go outside if possible.


930-10:30 Academic time Do 30 mins of Lexia. Do the daily reading from readworks and write 3 things I learned on your sheets. Take an AR quiz.  Do one of the Moby Max videos. Check in to the VAPA classroom and do some art!


10:30-11 Writing  Work on your writing assignment in google classroom.


11-1130 Continue writing or do a quick PE on go noodle. Do 10-15 minutes typing practice on


11:30-12:15 Lunch help make lunch, clean-up, play! 


12:15 1:00 AR time  Read an AR level book, magazine article , fluency page, take AR tests, fill out Reading Log (find it and turn in on Google classroom.)


1-2 Social studies/Science Do either or all: Mystery Science, Brainpop, or take a virtual field trip.


200-215  Practice writing your name in cursive, finish up anything that isn’t done. Clean up.  Go play!











The Purpose of Homework

Homework is an opportunity to practice some of the important skills we use in the classroom. I try to avoid giving lots of homework assignments, so that there is time for family, play and after-school activities.  However, if a student is not completing their work in class, it will be sent home with them.  I am very serious about all my students completing their work and taking responsibility for their learning.  




Every night, read for at least 30 minutes. Read a book at your AR level. Log your number of pages and the title of the book on your reading log. Title should be spelled properly and underlined. 


Spend 15 minutes practicing your multiplication tables.   There is a timed multiplication test every Friday.  All 3rd graders should have their 0-12 multiplication facts memorized by the end of the school year.


Spelling packet. Each week, your child will bring home a spelling packet.  The completed packet is due on Friday.  There is a spelling test on Friday.


Fluency sheet.  Every night, your student should read aloud to you from the fluency passage for 1 minute.  Students should read clearly, and with expression (not racing through).  At the end of a minute, mark the number of words that the student read at the top of the sheet.


Throughout the week, students can also work on Khan Academy,, Lexia, and Moby Max. * I am in the process of building my new rosters on these linked websites and will provide more details in the coming weeks.


Occasionally I will assign special projects, additional math pages, or writing assignments that need to be worked on at home.  Please look in your student's folder everyday  and be sure sure to sign and return the homework folder on Fridays.  This is part of their grade.




Contacting Ms. Creatura

Email is the best option for anything not time sensitive. My email is  Please be aware that I do not check my email during class time.  If you need to contact me during class ( i.e. Calvin is NOT taking the bus today), please call the office and they can call me.   You may text me on my cell 831-419-0987, but please be respectful of my personal life. :-) Also, please identify yourself on texts, I sometimes am not sure who is texting me!


Many thanks to our classroom volunteers who grade papers, file homework, drive on field trips, help me teach science, support us in math and reading and generally make it possible for me to go home before 8. 


Thanks to the Home and School club for their check.  This year, half the money went to replacing the printer that never worked and ate expensive ink.  Now when a kid loses his homework sheet it is easy to replace it. BWAHAHA!


Especial thanks to Ms. Hotaling, who made us a beautiful set of beanbags. Now I can stop stealing Mrs. Wise's!