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2nd grade -

Math Review page

Reading fluency - Snow 



3rd grade -

Math Review page

Reading fluency - Snow





Read every night! :

2nd grade - 15 minutes

3rd grade - 20 minutes

STAR OF THE WEEK: When your child is chosen as Star of The Week they will bring home Room Two's elephant mascot, Elliott, for the weekend. Please have your child "help their elephant friend" journal about adventures throughout the weekend. In addition, be sure to complete their All About Me poster to share in class. 

Patricia Morse


January News

Welcome Back!


A huge thank you to all the families who sent me goodies, kind sentiments, and gifts prior to the holidays. Your thoughtfulness was very much appreciated.


I hope you all had an enjoyable, restful break! We're going to ease into things this week. We'll do some New Year's goal writing, review expectations and routines, and gear up for the second half of the year! New AR goals will be reviewed with students and written on cards in homework folders by the end of the week. I'm looking forward to a fun, productive remainder of the year!


Homework This Week:

Both 2nd and 3rd grade have a review math page in homework folders along with a reading fluency page about Snow. If the text on this page is too difficult for your child to read, you may read it to them (or with them...) If your child is a more fluent reader, do a one minute timed word count each night! It's meant to be a fun way to ease back into reading! Beginning next week, we will resume math timed tests and work on standards based reading response pages.



*Please check this website every Monday for updated information and homework for the week.



What's happening in the classroom?


Reading - 2nd graders are are beginning a new informational unit on People Who Make A Difference. This will tie in nicely with the upcoming president's holidays and black history month.


3rd graders are focusing on a non-fiction science unit on plant and animal life cycles.


Math - 2nd graders will review fluency and problem solving strategies, addition with re-grouping, and geometry involving 2D and 3D shapes. We will begin a new unit as we learn about measurement using inches, feet, yards, centimeters, and meters.


3rd graders continue to work on problem solving and working through multi step problems. They are focusing on multiplication in their math groups and need some practice rounding numbers to the nearest 10 or 100. In addition, students continue working on moving through their multiplication facts. Some are progressing more quickly than others. Any support you can give them with this at home is appreciated. 


Writing -  Students will be working on finishing up Information writing pieces. 2nd graders have researched the habitat and adaptations of reindeer and 3rd graders have been learning about the climate and environmental issues of the arctic. All students will be working on winter poetry as we learn about snowflakes.



January 25 - 3rd Graders to Natural History Museum

February 15 - Pizza My Heart Field Trip

February 22 - AR Marking Period 4 Ends




Thank you for all you do to support your child at school! Have a wonderful week.

A Note About Homework Folders: Please send folders daily even when empty! These will be used for any communications throughout the week AND for occasional math homework papers that will be sent home.


A Note About Green Folders: These will be sent home every Wednesday. Green folders will contain completed work and are to be looked through, emptied, and  returned the following day. I encourage you to go through and discuss returned work with your child. It's a great way for you to get a feeling for what your child is doing in the classroom.

Current Assignments