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Bertha Torres, Academic Coordinator

This is my 4th year at Valencia as an Academic Coordinator. I have had the opportunity to work in many schools in different capacities, and have known great people dedicated to student achievement. My last position was as a principal at Mintie White in Watsonville. During my time at Mintie White, I was a third grade teacher, ELS/BRT, and assistant principal, culminating with the principal position. I left MIntie 4 years ago and came to Valencia. My choice for Valencia was an easy one as I had heard great things about  this school. I found Valencia  to be a high achieving, student-centered, and with a high level of staff commitment to improve student growth. I am very happy to be able to support all of the students, staff, and parents here.

Bertha Torres, Academic Coordinator Locker

Bertha Torres

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