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11/16/16 4:41 PM
Chaperones & Drivers
NEW VOLUNTEER RULES, per the District Office:
If you just want to volunteer in the classroom, or chaperone or drive on a field trip, EVEN if you're only driving or chaperoning your own child, you do have to get these done:
1) (For drivers and classroom volunteers): get tested for TB from your doctor, and turn in doctor's form to front office.
2) (For drivers and classroom volunteers): get fingerprinted and cleared at the District Office (call them to make an appointment.)
3) (For drivers only) give the front office a copy of your vehicle insurance (showing current coverage and dates), and a copy of your driver's license.
4) (For drivers only) fill out Volunteer Driver Forms, from Valencia's front office. You MUST DO THIS EACH NEW YEAR, even if last year your forms had the same information on them. It's district policy to make sure everyone stays safe.

Lynnelle Wing

News from Class 19: August

Dear Parents of Room 19 and Community,

      Welcome back to school! It's great to see that kids of Room 19 are ready and excited to learn this year. I'm excited to get to know all these special personalities, and to teach them as much as possible.


        These first few weeks of school, much of the time is spent just getting used to the routines, and behavior expectations. So, kids are learning our Class Rules: 1. Treat others the way you'd like to be treated, 2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself, and 3. Listen when it's other's turn to talk. They are learning the Consequences: 1. Verbal reminder, 2. Warning (name on board), 3. Lose 5 minutes of recess (picking garbage up instead) and getting a yellow slip to get signed by parent, 4. Sit out of next fun activity and lose another 5 minutes of recess, and 5. Sent to principal. Parents can help support their kid's learning and wise decision making by discussing yellow slips with their child (if the child comes home with one), signing it to show that it was received, and sending it back to school with the student.


         In math, students have taken a pre-test to see how much they are coming into the year with. Teachers will use this test to plan what to teach students in this first unit on addition and subtraction. Third graders are expected to memorize their basic math facts (addition and subtraction facts 0 - 20, multiplication facts 0 - 12, division facts 1-20) this year, so as the weeks go on, we will be doing weekly timed tests in addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Parents can help by drilling their child with flashcards, or by doing verbal drills, or finding basic skills games on the internet.


        In reading, we have not started official RTI time (reading groups), but will do that after Labor Day Vacation. As a whole class, we are reading together "Charlotte's Web", doing literary analysis, and projects based on the novel.


        In social studies, we are learning about Santa Cruz County and the people and landscapes particular to it. We are using our cursive work and map studies to give structure to our learning. In science, we will be studying about weather patterns and watching movies and doing hands-on projects to learn, using the online program "Mystery Science".


        In writing, we have written a letter to our future selves, and will write a short 4-paragraph paper "All About Me". In 3rd grade, students are expected to learn to write a 4-paragraph essay with introduction, 2 body paragraphs, and concluding paragraph.


         At the beginning of the year we are getting to know each other and learning about working as a class and community by doing "Class Challenges", where students are given fun real-life tasks to do that teach them about teamwork. The rest of the year, kids will have daily homework, which is a Reading Log, Fluency Page, and math practice/Homework Schedule. Each day, students are also to read anything, for at least 30 minutes, and note down the title and time on their log. Each day, students are also to read aloud their Fluency Page (a short 1-page story) to an adult, who notes how many words the child has read in a minute, and writes it in a box at the top of the Fluency Page. Kids will also do daily math practice, each day for 10 - 30 minutes. This would be practicing basic addition facts of numbers 1 - 10 up to the sum of 20, basic subtraction facts of 20 - numbers 1-19, multiplication facts of numbers 1 - 12, and later on, division facts of numbers 1 - 20. These pieces of homework are to improve retention of math basic facts, to improve reading, and to improve smoothness and comprehension in reading aloud (fluency). The goal in the Fluency Pages is NOT to simply speed-read, but also to read with expression and appropriate emphasis, according to the punctuation.


         Keep an eye on this page for each week's homework, announcements, and other information this year!


         WISH LIST: If you can/want to donate, we ALWAYS need lots of:

          * Gift cards to Target or Walgreens for school supplies

          * Microwave popcorn or Goldfish crackers, and stickers, bouncy balls, small toys and fancy pencils, for rewards

          * Spiral bound notebooks

          * Kleenex, napkins, hand sanitizer, paper towels (for our messes and dribbly noses)

          * Any kind of typical school supplies, like gluesticks, whiteboard markers, nontoxic pens



THANKS SO MUCH!- Mrs. Lynnelle Wing


Mrs. Wing's Homeroom Weekly Schedule

                        Mon              Tues           Wed           Thurs           Fri


8:00 - 8:15    Jobs, pledge  Daily Bite    Daily Bite     Daily Bite     Daily Bite

8:15 – 9:15    Math             Math           Math            Math            Math

9:15 – 9:35    RECESS       RECESS    RECESS     RECESS     RECESS

9:35–10:30    RTI (Reading)RTI            RTI              RTI              VAPA 

10:30-11:20   Writing           VAPA         Writing         Writing         Writing   

11:20–12:15  LUNCH         LUNCH       LUNCH       LUNCH        LUNCH 

12:15–1:00    DEAR/PE     DEAR/PE  12:15 Dis.     I Love Books Class Mtg.

1:00–1:45      Soc. Sci.       Soc. Sci.                        Science         DEAR

1:45–2:00      Cursive         Cursive                          DEAR/PE      Science

2:00–2:15      End of Day   End of Day                     End of Day    End of Day__


Classroom Management:


Classroom Rules:

  1. Treat others like you want to be treated. (Respect them and their things).
  2. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  3. Listen when it’s other’s turn to talk.



  1. Verbal reminder
  2. Warning (move clip down)
  3. Lose recess: Trash duty/walk the track during recess, fill out Behavior Form, get it signed by parent, return it the next day
  4. Lose another recess: Trash duty/walk the track for another recess, sit out of next fun activity
  5. Principal’s office and/or call parents


Positive Rewards:

  1. Lots of positive attention!
  2. “Caught Being Good” tickets, exchanged for prizes at end-of-the-month class auction.
  3. Valencia Victories tickets (possibility of a prize each Friday)
  4. Team points. When a team gets 20 points, they get microwave popcorn or crackers.
  5. Homework Heroes: students get a prize on Friday if they turn in all their homework for the week (Reading Log, Fluency Page, and signed Homework Agenda.) If homework is complete and signed, they get to choose a prize from the small prize box.

Other Rules:

Water: students are allowed and encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle to sip on during class.  They may bring water, but not any other liquid, as those are difficult to clean if they spill.


We have homework every day except for Friday. Every day, children should practice out loud their fluency page, and have someone record how many words they read in 1 minute. They also read for at least 30 minutes daily (they fill out a portion of the Reading Log, which is due, completed and signed, each Friday). Students should practice basic math facts and mark on their Homework Schedule page, how they practiced them (writing them, verbally, on the computer). Occasionally we have math, social science, writing, or science homework. Every day the students write the required homework on their "Homework Agenda", and I sign it to make sure they copy it correctly, so this is where you and students can go to see what homework is required. In addition, every Monday I give out a Homework Schedule giving the homework and notices about the week. Also, the whole week's homework is listed on this webpage. Each Friday, we collect the week's Reading Logs, Fluency Pages, and Homework Schedule, and kids who completed them and got them signed get a small prize.


Thank you, and looking forward to a great year!

Mrs. Lynnelle Wing / (831) 728-7836 ext. 3219

Homework: Aug. 14 - 16

MONDAY 8/12/19

Summer Vacation!


TUESDAY  8/13/19

Summer Vacation!



Fluency: 0

Reading: 0

Science: 0

Math: 0

Other: Fill out and return Emergency Cards!


THURSDAY 8/15/19

Fluency: 0

Reading: 0

Science: 0

Math: 0

Other: Fill out and return Emergency Cards and forms!



FRIDAY  8/16/19