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11/16/16 4:41 PM
Chaperones & Drivers
NEW VOLUNTEER RULES, per the District Office:
If you just want to volunteer in the classroom, or chaperone or drive on a field trip, EVEN if you're only driving or chaperoning your own child, you do have to get these done:
1) (For drivers and classroom volunteers): get tested for TB from your doctor, and turn in doctor's form to front office. (TB tests are good for 3 years usually).
2) (For drivers and classroom volunteers): get fingerprinted and cleared at the District Office (call them to make an appointment.)
3) (For drivers only) give the front office a copy of your vehicle insurance (showing current coverage and dates), and a copy of your driver's license. Needs to be kept updated, several times a year!
4) (For drivers only) fill out Volunteer Driver Forms, from Valencia's front office. You MUST DO THIS EACH NEW YEAR, even if last year your forms had the same information on them. It's district policy to make sure everyone stays safe.

Lynnelle Wing

News from Class 19: August 2020

School Shutdown  - First Semester of School, 2020


Dear Parents of Room 19,

The Valencia Elementary campus is closed for the first semester of school, 2020 because of the COVID-19 virus, but school and classes are still being conducted, online, via Google Classroom. Please log into Google Classroom, and log into our class "Mrs. Wing's Class" using your child's PVUSD number and password (birthday with month first using a capital letter. Example: Feb. 19, 2010 would be Fe192010). You might need to type in their PVUSD number with Each week, I am posting a schedule of what is expected, and what assignments children should do, on the "Classwork" tabs under "Weekly Schedule". Please check out our page, and join in on the conversations! Even though I'm sure kids have been sad about not being able to be in our physical classroom, and are missing their friends, I hope that they've also been enjoying learning how to use our virtual classroom, chatting with friends remotely using email, comments, and learning how to post photos and videos! Even though I also miss seeing the kids, I am actually having a good time learning all these new computer systems. We are focusing on the positive, and using this as a learning opportunity.


Kids should be logging in to Google Classroom each day, Monday - Friday, from 9:00 - 3:30, just like in our "real" classroom. They should be doing at least 4 hours of work a day. Kids can hit the "Done" button on assignments if they are done, or email or comment to me that they are done. The Google Classroom class code is uzawz2q, the Khan Academy code is DARDSY2M. Kids should also be outside, getting some sunshine, playing and dancing, when "class" is over and during "recesses"!


If you have questions or problems, please email, call, or text me at:

(831) 334-2735


Stay healthy, wash your hands, and remember to smile!

Lynnelle Wing


* Check Mrs. Wing's Google Classroom "Classwork" page!