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Homework: April 25th through May 28th

U.S. State Report


Students received the "State Report" assignment sheet on April 25th!  The state report is due on Tuesday, May 28th, and the State Fair is on Tuesday, June 4th.  Please ask your child to review the state report requirements with you.

Upcoming Events

6/3/19:  Talent Show: 10:30 am - 11:30 am (TK - 3rd) AND 1:05 pm - 2:05 pm (4th - 6th)

6/4/19:  5th Grade State Fair: 8:15 am - 10:30 am AND Farrar's American Living History Museum: 1:10 pm - 2:10 pm

6/05/19:  Seacliff Beach Field Trip AND Full Day - 2:15 pm Dismissal

6/06/19:  Farrar's American Living History Museum: 8:15 am - 9:25 am

6/07/19:  Last Day of School - 11:15 am Early Dismissal

Class Wish List


  • Prize box donations please
  • Cleaning/disinfectant wipes
  • Paper plates
  • Paper napkins
  • Large plastic tubs
  • Amazon or Target gift cards to purchase plastic tubs

Scholastic Book Club

Please use Parent Code: H93LT for ordering on the Scholastic website.

Erin Farrar

May 27th

May 19th

It is hard to remember a May with such wacky weather around here!


As we enter next week, students continue to work hard on district assessments.  Please support them with lots of rest and healthy snacks. 


We have had time in class to work on state reports, but students may find they want to work on components at home.  The due date, May 28th, is around the corner.  Please make sure you have a display board and are starting to assemble the board.


Open House is on Thursday.  Hope to see you there!

April 25th: U. S. State Report Assignment

Students received their assigned state for the "U. S. State Report" on April 25th.  Please keep your eye out for the blue assignment sheet and review with your child.  The state report is due on Tuesday, May 28th, and the State Fair is on Tuesday, June 4th.

April 20th

Our Auction is coming up on Saturday, April 27th.  Hopefully we will see you there!


On Monday, April 29th, we are going to the Santa Cruz County Court House in Santa Cruz.  Students will perform a mock trial in a court room.  It will be quite the experience.  Thank you in advance to our driver chaperones!


We are working on volume and area concepts in math.  The students have been working incredibly deep and I am very proud of them!  Thank you for reviewing the recent math assessment on multiplying and dividing fractions.  There are still a few tests that need to be turned in.  Please stand up with me and give a LOUD round of applause for the following students with advanced scores:


Henry, Isaiah, Kevin, Lucy, Sienna, Soren, Xena, Andrew, & Ari


Students were honored for their independent reading goals last week.  CONGRATULATIONS to:


Greyson, Kevin, Klacey, Adrian, Lucy, Katie, Emma, Anahi, Henry, Sienna, Scott, Dylan, Max, Xena, Maverick, Nicky, Isaiah, Soren, Damien, Finn, & Finley


WAY TO GO, kiddos!


Additionally, we have more determined students joining the Million Word Reader Club!  Lets give a STANDING OVATION to:


Scott & Isaiah


You have joined Lucy, Xena, Finn, Kevin, Henry, Max, Sienna, Soren, & Katie in the Million Word Reader Club!


The final reading goal period of the school year is underway.  Many kids are cranking away on their reading goals!  Keep up the terrific work and make this last one great!


Students were assigned a state from the United States on Thursday, April 18th.  They will receive their state project assignment soon.  Please be on the lookout for the assignment toward the end of the week.  State projects are due on Tuesday, May 28th and the State Fair is on Tuesday, June 4th.


Wishing you a terrific weekend and week ahead! ~ Erin

March 24th

We have a lot going on as we enter our last week before Spring Recess!


Students will take the Math End of Module 4 Assessment toward the end of the week.  The unit covers application of multiplication and division fraction and decimal equivalents.  Please keep your eye out for the "Practice Assessment/Test" early this week.


On Friday, 3/29, you are invited to attend our "Tea Party" & Colony Open House at 1:05pm.  Please see the emailed flyer and notice that will be sent home on Monday for more details.  Thank you in advance for any donations, including items for the Tea Party and your volunteer time!


Speaking of volunteers, I am very grateful for our Symphony drivers!  Thank you for taking time to experience the symphony with us!


I would also like to reach out and thank my dedicated classroom volunteers:  Dawn Sterner, Kirsten Tidd, Kelly & Tim Allari, Melissa Gamboa, Shelly Brown, & Anna Eversole!  I don't know where we would be without you!!!  Thank you for weekly dedication to our students!!!


Please help me give a HUGE round of applause to amazing children that have already met their independent reading goals:


Kevin, Klacey, Damien, Lucy, Katie, Sienna, Finn, Finley, Xena, Maverick, Isaiah, Soren, & Max


The current goal period ends on April 12th so there is still plenty of time to meet reading goals!


On another note, Sienna & Katie, have joined their peers in the Million Word Reader Club!  WAY TO GO!  Please refer to the right side margin for the Million Word Reader Club.


Students recently took a Math Mid-Module Assessment on the standards mentioned above so it is time to HONOR students that earned advanced scores on the difficult assessment:


Finn, Lucy, Scott, Sienna, Xena, Andrew, & Ari


ALL students in room 11 have been working incredibly hard in their math classes and I am very proud of their progress!


Wishing you a terrific week ahead!  Thanks again for any donations for the Tea Party on Friday! ~ Erin

February 23rd

Please help me CONGRATULATE the following students for meeting their 4th period independent reading goals: 


Greyson, Kevin, Adrian, Damien, Payton, Katie, Emma, Henry, Cayton, Sienna, Scott, Finn, Aalto, Max, Xena, Maverick, Nicky, Isaiah, Soren, Klacey, Finley, Dylan, & Lucy


The 5th marking period starts on Monday and ends on April 12th.


It is time to give a SHOUT OUT to Soren for joining the Million Word Reader Club!  Soren joins: Lucy, Finn, Xena, Henry, Kevin, & Max  Outstanding demonstration of excellence!


Children may read different Newsela articles for homework if they choose.  If you are having trouble logging into Newsela, please refer to some helpful hints on the right side margin of my webpage.


In homeroom math class we are reviewing fraction word problems and then taking our class assessment sometime this upcoming week.  Please support your child by checking in with them and encouraging best effort.


Our Symphony field trip is coming up on March 12th.  Thank you to parents that are able to join us.  I will be contacting you in the next week or so.


Best Wishes ~ Erin

February 3rd

It is hard to believe we are already in February!  I hope you are staying warm and dry this weekend.  Thank you to families for recent donations for our classroom!


In math, the students took their end of module/unit assessment last week and the results will be going home this week.  Please look for the math test to review and sign.  The test is due back in class with guardian signature by Friday.  Please help me stand up and give a HUGE round of applause to the following students for achieving advanced scores on the test:


Adrian, Kevin, Henry, Lucy, Sienna, Andrew, & Ari


We are continuing with fractions, but the emphasis is on dividing and multiplying fractions.


I would also like to CONGRATULATE the following students for already meeting their 4th period independent reading goals:


Isaiah, Kevin, Soren, Lucy, Katie, Henry, Sienna, Finn, Finley, Dylan, Max, & Xena


The current independent reading goal period ends on 2/22/19.  There are 3 weeks left to meet goals.


It is also time to give a SHOUT OUT to Max for joining the Million Word Reader Club!  Please check out the right side margin to see our Million Word Readers!  


Please help me give BIG HONORS to Lucy for participating in the Santa Cruz County Spelling Bee!


The students earned another celebration so thank you in advance for anything you are able to donate!


Wishing you a good week! ~ Erin

January 15th

Dear Families in Room 11,


Happy 2019!  The access to my website had not been working for some time so I apologize for not updating you since November!


We are back in full swing today!  We exchanged for reading groups this morning and are cruising along in math working on adding and subtracting fractions.


Students are coming home with their Module 2 Math Assessment for your review and signature.  They took the test before the break and saw the results, but I kept the tests for safekeeping until school resumed in January.  Now that we are in January, it is time for the test to go home for guardian review.  Please return the test signed by a guardian by Friday, January 18th.  If you need more time to review the test, please send me an email or write me a note. 


Please help me give a MASSIVE round of applause to the following students for achieving an advanced score on their Module 2 Assessment related to application of division standards:


Anahi, Cayton, Finn, Henry, Isaiah, Kevin, Lucy, Maverick, Nicky, Sienna, Soren, Xena, Andrew


YEAH!  We also had 12 other students proficiently master the assessment!  Way to go!


We have been working on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators since the last test.


In language arts, we continue to work on informational text structures.  Thanks for encouraging your children to read Newsela or other informational text as often as possible.


On another celebratory note, please join me in congratulating students that met their 3rd period independent reading goals:


Kevin, Lucy, Katie, Soren, Finley, Xena, Finn, Isaiah, Greyson, Max, Cayton, Klacey, Henry, Sienna, Maverick, Scott, Adrian, Emma, Jocelyn, Damien, Gia, Aalto


Our new goal period starts today, 1/15, and ends on 2/22.  Please dive in!


The Tech Museum field trip was a success!  Thank you to our parent drivers and chaperones!


I truly appreciate all of the generous gifts and cards I received before the vacation!  Thank you for honoring me!


Have a great short week! ~ Erin

November 12th

Thank you to so many families for making it to your conference.  I truly enjoyed talking with each and every one of you!


We have a field trip on Thursday, November 15th.  Please arrive to school on time because we need to leave by 8:05am promptly.  Wear layers and bring a lunch.  Please see information about the field trip on the right side margin of my website.


Join me in a ROUND OF APPLAUSE as we honor the following students for meeting their 2nd period independent reading goals:


Isaiah, Greyson, Kevin, Gia, Klacey, Adrian, Damien, Krystal, Lucy, Payton, Katie, Emma, Anahi, Soren, Henry, Cayton, Sienna, Sophie, Scott, Finn, Aalto, Finley, Dylan, Max, Xena, & Maverick


You ROCK!  Keep up the OUTSTANDING work!


The 3rd independent reading goal period starts Tuesday, 11/13, and ends December 20th.  Please dive in right away!


It is time to give a SHOUT OUT to Kevin for joining Finn, Xena, Henry, & Lucy in the Million Words Plus Reader Club!  What a marvelous demonstration of excellence!


We are plugging along with division concepts in math and moving into informational writing.  We will work on the district writing assessment this week.


I hope you have enjoyed a nice long weekend! ~ Erin

October 28th

Are we ready for a big week!?  Children can wear or bring a costume for the Halloween parade on Wednesday.  The parade is scheduled for 11:00am and families are welcome.


Please stand with me to give HUGE HONORS to the following students for demonstrating ADVANCED application on our recent math assessment on deep multidigit multiplication concepts:


Adrian, Cayton, Cheyella, Dylan, Emma, Finley, Finn, Henry, Isaiah, Jocelyn, Katie, Kevin, Lucy, Maverick, Scott, Xena, Andrew, & Ari


We also had 10 other students score proficient on this assessment!  Way to CRUSH the assessment kids!


Math will increase in complexity as we move forward.  We start division concepts this week and will work toward the skill of dividing multidigit dividends with multidigit whole numbers and decimal numbers.


There are 2 more weeks to meet the 2nd period independent reading goals!  The goal period ends on November 9th.  Keep up the great work!


Have a good week! ~ Erin

October 21st

We have done such a tremendous job selling Drive For School tickets!  Way to get out there and sell!


The Yearbook Cover Contest has been extended until Friday, October 26th.


I sent Parent/Teacher conference notifications home last week.  Please let me know ASAP if you are not able to make your day and time.


We will have our 2nd math assessment later this week.  This assessment will cover deep multidigit decimal multiplication concepts, including multistep word problems.  Students are expected to demonstrate mastery of the skills and application in word problems.  Similar to last time, there is a practice test we will be reviewing.  Please check in with your child around mid week about the practice test.


Please help me give a LOUD round of applause to the students that have already met their 2nd period independent reading goals:


Isaiah, Kevin, Klacey, Katie, Henry, Cayton, Sienna, Scott, Finn, Aalto, Max, & Xena


Keep up the terrific work!  The 2nd goal period ends on 11/9, which means kiddos still have 3 weeks to meet their goals.


Have a great week! ~ Erin

October 6th

I was glad to see so many of our families make it to the Family Movie Night, especially on a day the students had off!  Thank you 5th grade families for donating items and running the fundraiser!  


Also, thank you, thank you, for generous donations for our first class celebration about a week ago!  We had so many yummy treats AND parent volunteers to help me out!  Your contributions are appreciated!


Our class is truly coming together.  We continue to tighten instructional minutes with a focus on less social time during transitions.  I am extremely proud of ALL of my students for demonstrating best effort and responsibility!


We have officially moved into our multiplication standards in math.  Please help your child practice multiplication facts with automaticity.  Automaticity is the concept of knowing something within 3-5 seconds; for example, a student needs to know 6 x 8 = 48 within 3-5 seconds.  Automaticity of multiplication facts is required in order to work on the multiplication, division, and fraction standards we have in 5th grade.  Thank you for supporting your child with learning multiplication facts.


Students demonstrated excellent work on their complex place value math assessment!  Please help me give a ROUND OF APPLAUSE to the following kiddos that scored "Advanced" on their math assessment:


Finn, Henry, Isaiah, Kevin, Lucy, Maverick, Nicky, Scott, Xena, Andrew, & Ari


Speaking of excellence, I would like to CONGRATULATE Henry for joining Xena, Finn, & Lucy in the Million Word Reader Club!


The 2nd independent reading goal period is underway.  I have already bumped up reading goals for:


Isaiah, Kevin, Max, Xena, Katie, Finn


THANK YOU for emerging yourself in the growth mind-set! 


Many students are working away on their goals.  My heart warms when a kiddo beams and shares with me they need 3 more points to meet their goal, or, "Will you please bump up my goals, Ms. Farrar?"  You have some amazing children and I am grateful to be their teacher!


Please try to keep selling Drive For Schools tickets.  We have a few more weeks to make as much money for our school as possible.  This fundraiser gives us the most bang for our buck so it is very important we do our best on this one!


Wishing you a terrific week! ~ Erin


September 22nd

Our first independent reading goal period ended on September 21st.  Please help me HONOR the following students for meeting their goals:


Greyson, Kevin, Gia, Damien, Krystal, Katie, Klacey, Lucy, Soren, Henry, Sienna, Scott, Finn, Dylan, Max, Xena, Maverick, Nicky, Isaiah, & Cayton


The next goal period begins Monday and ends on November 9th.  Try to dive in right away!


We will take our first classroom math assessment later this week on complex place value standards.  I will give the students a "practice test" on Monday that we will review in class.  Please ask your child to review the practice test with you.


We started Reading Groups last week.  Students go to one of the following teachers for reading class:  Ms. Christie, Mr. Zlatunich, or Ms. Farrar.  So far everything seems to be going very well!


In writing, we have been working on our fictional narrative in the Google Classroom.  Kids may work on this assignment at home.  I recommend students access through the PVUSD website instead of "googling" google.


Thank you to the Allari Family for donating emergency snacks for our classroom.  We still need emergency water if you are able to contribute.


Many thanks to families that have donated prizes for the prize box, kleenex, wipes, money, other supplies, and time!  Every gesture is appreciated!


Your amazing children have earned their first 100 point celebration!  Our party will be on Friday.  I will discuss plans with the kids early in the week.  Thank you in advance for anything you are able to contribute for our celebration!


Hopefully you received an eblast from Mrs. Lane about the 5th grade family fundraiser on October 5th.  5th grade families and the Valencia Home & School Club are hosting the event to help offset costs for Outdoor Science School in 6th grade, as well as the needed funds for the 6th grade promotion festivities.  Please contact Mrs. Lane or the Home & School Club for more information.


Enjoy the rest of the weekend! ~ Erin

September 8th

It was wonderful to meet so many of you at Back to School Night!  The turn out was terrific; I truly apologize because I did not get a chance to speak to all of you.  Please know I did see you and I appreciate you being there!  Thank you for classroom donations, your time, and support!


I am looking forward to next week so we can return to a full day week and continue to work on routines and expectations.  We will continue with deep place value concepts in math and narrative writing structures.


Please join me in giving a SHOUT OUT to the following students for meeting their 1st period independent reading goals:


Isaiah, Scott, Finn, Max, Maverick, Xena, Lucy, Kevin, Henry, Damien, & Sienna


The goal period ends on September 21st.


Have an amazing week!  ~ Erin Farrar

September 4th

We are in full swing!  It is hard to believe we have been in school for a few weeks!


Back to School Night is on Thursday.  Upper grade presentations are from 6:15 - 7:00pm.  Please see the Valencia website for more details.


CONGRATULATIONS to the following students for already meeting their first period independent reading goals:


Isaiah, Scott, Finn, Max, Maverick, Xena, Lucy, Kevin, & Henry


There is still time to meet reading goals.  The goal period ends on September 21st.  Good luck!


I would also like to give a HUGE round of applause to FinnXena, & Lucy for reading over 1 million words!  Outstanding demonstration of excellence!


Thank you to families that have been able to submit field trip paperwork and money; it is so helpful to me!


I am incredibly grateful to my families for generous donations in the form of money, classroom supplies, and time!  We all benefit from your kindness!


Wishing all of you a terrific short week!
~ Erin Farrar



August 19th

Dear Families in Room 11,


I have enjoyed meeting your children!  Thank you for filling out all of the school paperwork.  There are just a handful of items left from a few families I still need to obtain.  Please check with your child to see if I asked them to return paperwork on Monday.


I am happy to announce kiddos came in with A.R. quizzes to take after summer reading!  It is inspiring to see children demonstrating the growth mind-set during the summer by reading and having the desire to then follow up with quizzes!  Speaking of A.R. quizzes, the first independent reading period began on August 15th and ends on September 12th.  The end date is posted in the classroom and all students know the results of their first reading assessment.


My pedagogy is deeply rooted in the growth mind-set.  The growth mind-set involves many concepts, but generally incorporates the notions of a willingness to learn, having a positive attitude, and moving yourself forward at all times.  An example of applying the growth mind-set in my class is that I "bump up" independent reading goals if a child meets their goal during the goal period.  Please help me give a HUGE round of applause for the children that have already met their 1st period reading goals:


Isaiah, Kevin, Lucy, Henry, Finn, Max, & Xena


Keep up the EXCELLENT work!


The students will have their first reading homework assignment on Monday.  Please expect your child to read for at least 30 minutes and then complete a brief summary describing what they read during the 30 minutes.  I ask a guardian to sign off on reading homework every night (Monday through Thursday).  If a child does not have the class reading log sheet, any piece of paper will suffice.  Thank you in advance for your support with this process.


In math, we have discussed the importance of knowing multiplication facts with automaticity.  Automaticity is knowing facts within 3-5 seconds.  This is incredibly significant as we move through mathematics in 5th grade.  Many 5th grade standards involve multiplication fact automaticity as the foundation; for example, division and fraction standards.  The students received a multiplication packet on Thursday last week which is due by Friday, 8/24.  Thank you to Krystal for already turning in her packet!  Please support your child with learning multiplication facts as quickly as possible.  Practicing in the car is a great place to start.  :0)


We will dive into our math curriculum this week - deep level place value standards will be our focus.  Once we start our math curriculum, please expect daily homework.


Have a great weekend and week ahead! ~ Erin

Happy New Year 2018

Welcome back Super Seastars!


I am looking forward to meeting my new 5th grade students and families!  I had a terrific summer and I hope you did as well!  


If you are ready to obtain supplies, the list is on the right side margin of my website.  I will also send home a hard copy letter on the first day of school with the same list.  Thank you in advance for your support!  


Valencia has streamlined the beginning of the year paperwork.  Keep an eye out for the "Acknowledgement Signature Form" checklist.  I believe this is a huge improvement for both families and the school. 


Please return the yellow emergency card and Acknowledgement Signature Form checklist by Friday!    


If you have any questions or information you would like to share, please email me at: erin_farrar AT  I try to check email daily and will respond as soon as possible.


See you on Wednesday!

~ Erin Farrar

Million + Words Reader Club!

Please help me give a HUGE round of applause to our million word readers!  Outstanding demonstration of excellence!


Lucy = 5+ Million

Xena = 4+ Million

Kevin, Finn, & Henry = 3+ Million

Max & Sienna = 2+ Million

Soren, Katie, Scott, Isaiah, Finley, & Maverick = 1+ Million