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Team 24


2019 Spring Auction


The Valencia H&SC is hosting our annual Spring Auction on Saturday, April 27th.  Funds raised are used to help support our reading, math, science, art, and garden programs.


This year we are putting together Grade Level Baskets to auction off and we are asking the Fifth Grade to put together a ‘Plant a Garden Basket’.


An Amazon Wish List has been created with items that we will use to put the basket together.  Many of the items are in the $5 - $25 range. 


Amazon Wishlist Link:


Helpful Information:

  • The wish list is set to have items shipped directly to my house in Aptos.  Parents can also bring items to the office or your classroom for pick up.
  • Parents who want to purchase items on the Amazon list locally, can let me know and I’ll remove it from the wish list so we don’t end up with any duplicates.  
  • Parents can also deviate from the list and get anything else they think would add to the basket.  Gift cards to local businesses, etc…
  • Amazon Gift Cards or cash donations can also be made to help purchase needed items for the basket.


The deadline to turn in all items is March 31st, 2019.


If there are questions about donating other items, services, or events for the silent or live auction, we would love to hear from you! 


Thank you! 


Lizzy Anderson

Valencia H&SC Treasurer

Volunteering/Driver Information




Below is a link for information needed in order to volunteer at Valencia and/or drive on Valencia field trips.



After School Math Enrichment


The Santa Cruz Math Circle is a weekly math meeting for students in grades 5 - 10 who love math. Students meet with math professionals to work on interesting problems and topics not normally included in the standard classroom curriculum. The instructors are mathematicians, scientists and engineers who use math everyday. See the attached flyer for detailed information. 



All students have a Newsela account for the school year.

Students use their e-mail address and birthday password to enter the site.


Username Example:



Password Example: Ju212008

                                (AR password)


Students are assigned one Newsela article each Monday.

Students are to read the article and complete the comprehension quiz.

Parents are encouraged to read the article with their child, if needed. 

Math Homework helper eBook


Students and parents may now access a Math Homework Helper eBook.


Follow the directions in the link below to set up an account.

Students were also given a "hard" copy of the directions that will assist you in setting up your account.


Product Key: 8010H000001WyrkQAC


Homework Guidelines


Homework Guidelines


Students are given homework Monday through Thursday.

They are expected to copy the homework onto their Homework Contract daily. A typical night’s homework includes: reading, logging their reading, math, and a language arts assignment.

Math homework is due the following day. Math homework is review, or practicing what students learned that day in class. All other assignments are due by the end of the school week (normally Friday).



1. Read for 20 min.

2. Log your reading

3. Math: lesson 2

4. Cursive



Monday language arts homework:

Students log on to, then select the assigned article and the appropriate reading level. They read the article and afterwards take a short comprehension quiz.


Tuesday language arts homework:

Students practice their weekly spelling/vocabulary words by completing the given assignment.


Wednesday language arts homework:

Students log on to They are expected to work on their typing skills for 20 minutes.


Thursday language arts homework:

Students study for their weekly spelling/vocabulary test, which is given on Friday. Parents read each spelling word, and the student writes it on a practice spelling test. Students/parents review the spelling and practice the needed words. Parents sign the practice test, and it is returned on Friday with their weekly homework assignments. 

Richard Zlatunich Locker