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Team 24


Open House 2019 Dinner Fundraiser



Our Valencia Open House is upon us and we need your help! I have created a sign up genius for all of the items we will need for the event (Link Below). Our students really need everyone's support on this to help fund next year's events including 6th grade science camp, dance, graduation expenses, etc. If you would please consider signing up to donate some items it would be greatly appreciated. 


Please bring items in to the front office between Monday and Wednesday of next week, 5/20-5/22. 


Sign Up Genius Link


If you have any questions at all or would like to help in other ways, please contact Amie Johnson or Dawn Sterner. 


Amie - 831.419.9674 or

Dawn - 831.251.6596 or

State Project


Dear Fifth Grade Families,




Your fifth grader will be working on a state report as part of our social studies, language arts, and technology curriculum. Each student has been assigned a state, and will create a display board filled with information about their state. These boards will be presented during a “STATE FAIR” at the end of May. This project combines many different academic and time management skills and is really a lot of fun. Students will be very proud of their projects. Best of all, MOST of the work is done at school!


HOW YOU CAN HELP: It’s not too early to get started!


  • Request materials from state tourism board websites.
    • Many states will send free informational materials if requested. Help your child navigate the state tourism website to complete a request for information about visiting their state.


  • If possible, write to family and friends that live in the state. Ask for postcards or other souvenirs to make the project more personal.


  • Help your child find FIFTH GRADE FRIENDLY websites. Print out resources for your child to use at school when we have work time (students are not able to print at school).


  • Take your child to the public library to check out reference books on their state.
  • Valencia’s library only has 1-2 books on each state, and there are approximately 70 fifth grade students. Any help you can provide to make sure your child has good reference materials will help them feel prepared to do their research.


  • Check in with your child, and ask them if they are keeping up with their research and writing. Have them show you their work folder and Google documents. Show enthusiasm for their hard work! 


  • Purchase a tri-fold display board for them to use for their project.

Projects are due on May 28th. The date for the State Fair is May 31st. Thank you in advance for your support of our State Fair.



Valencia Fifth Grade Teachers



State Project Checklist:




  • Hand-drawn and colored picture of at least two (2) state symbols (you may have more symbols, but at least two need to be hand-drawn and colored)
  • Hand-colored state flag (you may download an outline drawing of you flag and color it yourself, or draw the whole thing by hand)
  • Map of your state that shows the state capital and other major cities plus geographic features (mountain ranges, rivers, canyons, etc.) Extra credit for drawing your map by hand.


Information about your state:


  • What is your state nickname and why did it get that name?
  • Picture of the state quarter- What is on it?  Why?
  • What is your state motto and why is it the motto?
  • Fast Facts neatly typed or written
  • Timeline including at least four (4) important historical events for your state. Each event should be labeled and include a small illustration.


Informational Essays:


  • Essay on the economy (natural resources and industries) of your state.
  • Essay on the “things to see and do” in your state
  • Paragraph/essay on a famous person who is associated with your state




  • Anything else you want to share that helps us understand your state


Volunteering/Driver Information




Below is a link for information needed in order to volunteer at Valencia and/or drive on Valencia field trips.



After School Math Enrichment


The Santa Cruz Math Circle is a weekly math meeting for students in grades 5 - 10 who love math. Students meet with math professionals to work on interesting problems and topics not normally included in the standard classroom curriculum. The instructors are mathematicians, scientists and engineers who use math everyday. See the attached flyer for detailed information. 



All students have a Newsela account for the school year.

Students use their e-mail address and birthday password to enter the site.


Username Example:



Password Example: Ju212008

                                (AR password)


Students are assigned one Newsela article each Monday.

Students are to read the article and complete the comprehension quiz.

Parents are encouraged to read the article with their child, if needed. 

Math Homework helper eBook


Students and parents may now access a Math Homework Helper eBook.


Follow the directions in the link below to set up an account.

Students were also given a "hard" copy of the directions that will assist you in setting up your account.


Product Key: 8010H000001WyrkQAC


Homework Guidelines


Homework Guidelines


Students are given homework Monday through Thursday.

They are expected to copy the homework onto their Homework Contract daily. A typical night’s homework includes: reading, logging their reading, math, and a language arts assignment.

Math homework is due the following day. Math homework is review, or practicing what students learned that day in class. All other assignments are due by the end of the school week (normally Friday).



1. Read for 20 min.

2. Log your reading

3. Math: lesson 2

4. Cursive



Monday language arts homework:

Students log on to, then select the assigned article and the appropriate reading level. They read the article and afterwards take a short comprehension quiz.


Tuesday language arts homework:

Students practice their weekly spelling/vocabulary words by completing the given assignment.


Wednesday language arts homework:

Students log on to They are expected to work on their typing skills for 20 minutes.


Thursday language arts homework:

Students study for their weekly spelling/vocabulary test, which is given on Friday. Parents read each spelling word, and the student writes it on a practice spelling test. Students/parents review the spelling and practice the needed words. Parents sign the practice test, and it is returned on Friday with their weekly homework assignments. 

Richard Zlatunich Locker