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Each week the black homework folder will come home on Monday and should be returned on Friday. Homework every week will include the following:

Reading- 100 book challenge- Read books with or to your parents and record the books you read on the pages in this folder that say “book Title”. Try to read for at least 15-20 minutes each night. Students will receive a certificate for every 10 books they read or read with parents.

Math/Writing/Art/Science/Social Studies- Math will usually include a concept we are working on in class or math fact practice. If this work is too easy or too difficult for your child, feel free to modify the work or supplement with alternative math work.  We will focus on informational writing in the next couple months. Remember to put in capital letters, spaces between words, a period at the end, and make sure your writing looks neat. You might be asked to include a drawing with your writing.  Color your drawing if you can. Science or Social Studies work might include a writing activity that focuses on the science/social studies theme we are learning about.

Sight Word Work- Sight word work includes cutting out sight word flash cards and practicing to read and write these words as well as lightning practice- reading sight words quickly to increase reading fluency.

**If you need more time, folders may be kept over the weekend and returned on Monday. If your family is having a hectic, busy week, don’t worry about skipping some or all the homework for the week. Homework should be meaningful, not stressful.

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Mary French

Welcome to Mrs. French's 1st Grade Class! We had fun eating pancakes with our buddies and decorating gingerbread cookies in December!

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Room 29 Update



Room 29 Update    


Dear Parents,


Last Friday we had a really fun pancake breakfast in our pajamas with our buddy class! This week we’ll be doing lots of gingerbread activities including gingerbread math games, graphing, stories, writing, poetry, and even a gingerbread science experiment. J We’ll finish up the week decorating some gingerbread cookies. Thanks to those of you who have sent in supplies or will be sending in supplies this week. Also, thanks to the parents who volunteered to help us on Thursday with cookie decorating. We’ll be starting about 12:45.


This week students will be presenting their holiday projects. I’m impressed with the quality and creativity that I see in the projects turned in last Friday! This week we will not have homework and also will not be bringing home a library book.


Valencia will continue the ‘Quarters for Katy’ fund raiser until this Wednesday, Dec. 19.  So far Valencia has collected about $3,000 for Paradise Elementary School!


Last Friday in your child’s take-home folder I sent a form about how you can have your child log into the Scratch program and work on Scratch coding at home. I just wanted to let you know that on the Scratch web site there are games that students from all over have created. Please monitor your child if they are looking at these, I have been told by other teachers that some of these games may not be best for 1st graders to view and interact with. Having your child continue to create a project of his/her own and learn more coding commands would be the best use of the Scratch program.


We will not have school this Friday so Thursday will be our last day before Winter Break starts. I wish all of you a wonderful winter break with lots of family fun!



Mary Ann 

Meet our class mascot- Midnight the Cat! Midnight gets to come home with a different child every weekend.
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Thanks to all the families

who donated $ recently

 for our

Quarters for Katy

(Paradise School)


Upcoming Events

*Fri. Dec. 21- Tues. Jan. 15- Winter Break


*Mon. Jan 21- Martin Luther King Day, no school

Wish List

If you would like to donate specific items to our classroom, here are some things we can use at this time:


* recess snacks for students who get hot lunch


* small prizes for our prizebox