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Teresa Wagenhoffer


Resources students can use at home to help themselves are:



LEXIA: If your student uses Lexia at school, he/she already has an account. Please allow your students to log in and work at home on their program. We are aiming at having them master 5th grade level on their work skill practice on exiting from 4th. 




KHAN ACADEMY: Students can either use Khan Academy or MAP ACCELERATOR at home for practice. Have your student click on the videos for extra help if they do not understand a concept.


AR BOOKFINDER: Please use to find books to read at your child's level.







Welcome to the new 2020-2021 virtual school year. Watch for updates concerning when and if we will be returning to school for the second semester.

I will be contacting you this week to talk about any concerns/questions you have to make the transition into the new school year easier.

Please contact me with your questions at

MATH:Coming next week...

Search any of the following to work specifically on a subject, or go to MAP Accelerator to expand on skills your student still does not have mastery on. 








SCIENCE:  Mrs. Guiley will be visiting our class this Thursday during our class meeting to introduce herself. After that, she will be teaching our class on Thursdays from 11:45 to 12:30 weekly.








Daily Classroom SCHEDULE you can follow at home.... beginning 8/17-8/21

9:00-10:00 am Meet with the class on Zoom.


1:15-3:30 I will be contacting parents to check in with them about any school year concerns.



AR GoalS

You may begin reading daily by logging into get and putting in our class code. You can find the code in our google virtual classroom.


Log into Renaissance Home Connect to check your child's progress at home. Enter your child's id and password as they know to 

do in class when they take a quiz.