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Deborah Christie

6th grade writing program - poetry notebooks due Dec. 13th

open google classroom and see the links that you can watch along with due dates and poetry requirements


Miller's class (they both say the same thing)  

vocabulary for 5th grade - test on Tuesday the 21st

here's the link for the words -


vocabulary week of 11-3-18



Furrowed brow











Foreign (for-en)



Put the synonym from above in the blank space.  


  1. I read a short story ,in other words, a________ that taught us a lesson about responsibility.

  2. Her eyebrows were raised, so she had a ___________________.

  3. I was jealous of her athletic abilities, so I ___________her.

  4. She read a book about the life of King George, therefore she read a ______________ of him.

  5. I legally belong to the United States, therefore I am a _____________.  Also I am a good __________because I follow the rules.

  6. The opposite of hot is cold, therefore hot is an ___________of the word cold.  

  7. You can’t count on her because she is always late and forgets things, therefore she is _______________.

  8. My friend is from Spain, therefore she is __________to the United States.  Also, I love ____________food - food from Mexico and Thailand for example.  

  9. We got into so many arguments.  In other words, we got into a lot of _____________.

  10. I have to work really hard to pick up the heavy potted plant.  I decided to ____________it up and into the wheelbarrow. I also had to __________the pillow and blanket into the top bunk bed.  

  11. I hope to see the show that displays really interesting science projects, therefore I am excited to go see this science ________________.

  12. I studied Egypt from two thousand years ago, therefore I studied _____________Egypt.  


**test will not be this exact one - this is a helpful guide for you.  Remember to draw quick sketches to help you remember the meaning of the words


math homework 5th grade - 11-7-18

oops!  I forget what worksheet I gave you.  Please do it tonight!  

Ms. C