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Susan Peoples

Options for Monday June !

Any lesson here  can be replaced by a Seesaw lesson.. There are many lessons that I have assigned on Seesaw that have not be opened .If you are looking for a new idea to change it up a bit  I added a new lego lessons. Go onto Seesaw!



20 min (independent)  Work on the Memory Book





30 min  (Independent) I know it Math


10 min 


15 min (ind/dependent) Math word problems (worksheets are on Google). Do as many as you can in 15 min. 


20 min Dear (independent )reading time. They should be re reading books from their leveled library. These are the books that you   have printed or picked up. Once again set a timer to teach your child how to be an independent student/learner. This is a really important skill!They should not be getting up and walking around to find books as they should have their paper library or their own books! Please work on fostering this skill!


30 min lexia/ABC Mouse or Footsteps













I know it math link is in the middle of the page


  Access Lexia through Clever. Then put your child's user id which is the number I texted you The password is their     birthday. It needs to be entered in a specific format. For example if their birthdate is 4/3/2013 it would Ap032013







Current Assignments
    Collaborate with me! or text me 831 818 6179.

    Do what works  best for your family. If homeschooling isn't working take a break. If you don't get to all the activities it is fine. Don't stress about kindergarten! Feel free to reach out to me if you have a question or need info.

    Valencia Values to use the rest of your life!
    • Responsible
    • Respectful
    • Kind
    • Best Effort

    We spend a lot of time discussing these values. Please help keep the discussion alive at home.


    Please ask your child how we define responsibility in room 14? We say responsibility means I know what is expected and I do it.


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