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Check the Calendar

Be sure to check our calendar for Room 18 events, and the Valencia calendar for school wide events.

Meet Rocky, Our Class Mascot
Meet Rocky, Our Class Mascot
Rocky, the Santa Cruz Harbor Seal

Our class mascot is Rocky, the Harbor Seal.  Rocky will be racing home each Friday, with a student from our class, to announce that he/she will be the class Super Sea Star.  Rocky is looking forward to meeting all of our Room 18 families this year.

Mrs. Wise and Mrs. Stonebloom

Wise Words

Please check our Google Classroom Daily Schedule each week for assignments. 



Use the Link in our Google Classroom banner to enter our Google Meet.


Rules for Google Meets:

1. Please enter at the scheduled time.

2. Mute before entering, if not already done.

3. Meet in a quiet place, with no distractions.

4. Stay focused on the screen. Don't forget to smile!

5. Be a respectful listener.

6. Nothing in your hands or lap that will distract you or others. (no food, pets, toys, etc.)

7. If the internet connection is lost with the teacher, exit the meeting immediately.

8. Come to the meeting prepared. Bring materials that you need.

9. Be an active participant.

10. Let's make the most of our time together!


Please ask your child to tell you about the following:











Important Dates:


*Please make sure your child brings his/her Homework Folder to school each day. The folder is used for important communication between home and school. Teams earn points when all team members come to school prepared.     

*Our Library Day is on Friday.  Please make sure your child returns his/her book on time each week.

Keep in Touch During Our School Closure March 16-June 5, 2020

*Write a letter to Mrs. Wise, Ms. Stonebloom, and Kendralyn. Use the old fashioned snail mail, as long as it's up and running. Use your best cursive. Include all parts of the friendly letter: Date, Greeting, Body, Closing, and Signature. We will write back.

Mrs. Wise

110 McKay Rd

Aptos, CA 95003

Ms. Stonebloom

175 Day Valley Rd

Aptos, CA 95003

Kendralyn Morley

55 Aldridge Lane

Watsonville, CA 95076

Or, you can send us an email:

I know this isn't the same as being in class each day, but it should help to keep the learning going.

I'll be posting more info and lessons as we plan, and as they become available. Keep showing our Valencia Values and Perseverance each day. Stay healthy and safe!


*When using Google Classroom on a personal device, all other gmail accounts must be signed out before you begin.

For Google Classroom and Khan (Map Accelerator), the student Username is your child's student ID The part will be new for your child. They should know their number though. If not, I can email it to you.

The Password is their birthday in the following format: Mmddyyyy, for example March 17, 2020 would be Ma172020. Your child should know this as well.

When your child logs in to Google Classroom, he/she will see the assignment(s) and messages. They have to sign in with their login for this to work. Please DO NOT create a new account.  

*Please let me know if you have any trouble with logging in. Otherwise, I will assume you are up and running. Thanks!

Contact Information for Mrs. Wise and Mrs. Stonebloom

The best way to contact us is through email: (Monday-Thursday) or (Friday). 

We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

You can also send a written note with your child. Thanks!

We're Riding the Reading Wave in Room 18!
Ride the Reading Wave!

SURF's Up in Room 18!  Students need to read for 30 minutes at their AR Level each night. Once they finish reading an AR book, they need to take an AR Test in class during our daily SURF Time, or on Fridays during our Computer Time. If they pass the test with a score of 80% or higher, they will receive a sticker on their AR Surfboard. Students also need to work toward their AR Point Goals for each marking period. The ____ marking period is from _____________.  Students read in class each morning at their AR Level.  They are able to check out books from our class library daily.  If your child needs something to read, remind him/her to check out a book or two. It's Super Uninterrupted Reading Fun! Let's all try to reach our goals! 



The Secret Word

The new Secret Words are At Home LearningWrite the words on a piece of paper along with your child's name and parent signature.  Have your child hand me the paper, and he/she will receive a special prize. Ssshhh! Be sure to keep it a secret. I am trying to find out how many people are checking out our web page.