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Valencia Values

                     We are just about as happy in life as we decide to be.

                                          ------ Abraham Lincoln


Dear Valencia Families,


The goal of our School Discipline Plan is to teach each child self-respect, self-control, respect for others and positivesocial interactions.  We believe that each child should feel safe, secure, happy, and have a maximum opportunity tolearn in a positive environment.  We focus on four values that students should learn in order to maintain a wonderfullearning environment for us all.


Valencia Values…





Best Effort


Good behavior doesn't “just happen” by itself.  We need your support.  An effective discipline program isthe result of parents, teachers and students working together.If behavior issues arise, the teacher will address them in class.If an infraction merits a student be sent to my office, you will be notified by note or by phone to keep you informedand solicit your help at home. As stated in the Pajaro Valley Board Policies and Education Code, severe infractions require specific disciplinary action: fighting, weapons, drugs, assault, etc. 


Finally, children will learn by what we do as adults.  Wouldn’t it be a better world if we all chose toact according to the Valencia Values?Then we can continue to learn in a community that builds respect forothers and responsibility for one’s actions.  Thank you for supporting Valencia’s Values.


Thank You!